How Much Is a Car Battery Replacement Service?

Car Battery with Tools

Many modern vehicles come with a car battery that’s important for many vital functions. Your vehicle’s battery likely helps start your car and allows you to enjoy many of the features that make your Las Vegas commute more pleasant. With that being said, your vehicle’s battery will eventually need to be replaced.

But, how much is a car battery replacement service? Most car battery replacements cost around $75 to $200. However, this can range depending on your specific vehicle and the type of battery your need. Curious about Land Rover car battery maintenance? The service experts from Land Rover Henderson are here to help. Here are some of the things we’ll go over related to your vehicle’s battery:

  • When to replace a car battery
  • How often to replace a car battery
  • How to increase the lifespan of your Land Rover car battery

How Often to Replace a Car Battery

So, how often do you need to replace a car battery? Most car batteries can last anywhere from three to five years. With that being said, your driving habits around Boulder City and temperature changes have a large impact on your battery lifespan. With your car battery needing to be replaced every few years, our parts experts are more than happy to go over the specific kind of battery that your vehicle needs to operate optimally.

Additionally, before your battery dies, you may be able to spot some warning signs on your Mesquite drives that could indicate it’s time for a replacement before you’re left stranded unexpectedly. Here’s how you’ll know when to replace your car battery:

  • Hesitation when starting
  • Battery leaking fluid
  • Unusual corrosion buildup on battery terminals
  • Swelling/bloated battery
  • Illuminated battery warning light

How to Increase Your Land Rover Car Battery Lifespan

Now that you know when to replace your car battery, it’s important to know that you can actually try to increase your battery’s lifespan. As we mentioned previously, your battery will eventually deteriorate due to weather and other factors out of your control. However, you do have the ability to extend the usage of your battery by following these tips:

  • Avoid short drives
  • Ensure battery is properly secured
  • Don’t use accessories/lights when the car is off
  • Regularly clean battery terminals
  • Avoid extreme temperatures if possible
  • Regularly start your vehicle

Schedule a Car Battery Replacement Service Today!

Make sure that your Land Rover car battery is in good shape by giving our service team a visit in Henderson. The technicians at Land Rover Henderson can assess your vehicle’s battery and let you know if it’s time for a replacement. Don’t wait, and have your battery inspected today! If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with our experts for assistance!


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