Deciding what to do at the end of your lease can be complicated. Whether you took advantage of the Land Rover lease offers at our location or not, our goal is to make Land Rover Henderson your Land Rover Lease Return Center. We make the Lease End process simple and seamless, allowing you the opportunity to make the choice that is best suited to your needs.


We strongly encourage a courtesy pre-inspection of your leased vehicle up to forty-five (45) days before your lease maturity date.  You can request a pre-inspection at our Land Rover Lease Return Center at any point if you plan to turn-in early, but be aware that a pre-inspection will expire after 60 days.

This pre-inspection will provide you with a comprehensive list of any wear, use, damage and maintenance items that you may be billed for at lease-end.  The condition report is not a bill, therefore quotes must be requested separately if you intend to address these items prior to turn-in.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have purchased coverages that will repair/replace/reimburse for wear and tear, maintenance, condition items at no cost, or reduced cost.  We can assist you in determining if there are any policies in place that can help to offset any potential lease-end expenses as well.



1. Lease, Finance or Purchase a new Land Rover:

This is the best perk of leasing! You have the option to turn in or trade your leased Land Rover for the latest models with the most up to date technology and design Land Rover has to offer.

Please contact your Sales Guide to schedule a time to come in and preview the newest models, or stop by our Land Rover Henderson showroom at your convenience.

We will help you transition from your current Land Rover to the new one of your choice!

2. Purchase your current Land Rover:

If you want to purchase the Land Rover you’ve grown to love, call us to learn more about your lease-end purchase options.  We will review an array of financing options or, should you prefer to pay in full, we can process all of the financial documents necessary to transfer ownership.

3. Return Your Leased Land Rover

If you decide to return your current leased Land Rover at lease-end, contact us at (702) 955-5706 to set up an appointment.

Here’s what you need to do on the day you return your vehicle:

  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle
  • Place the owner’s manual in the glove box
  • Turn in both sets of keys to the vehicle

In exchange for your time investment with our Lease Return Center during the process or turning in your leased Land Rover with us, we offer a $200 gift card as a “Thank you” from our team!

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